Is your telecom spend eating into your profits? Do you know your total telecom spends at all? Do too many operators & schemes confuse you?

Our telecom expense management services are focussed on substantial savings & optimization. It also results in faster & better processes saving you valuable manhours. We enable corporates, organisations both big & small, individuals & homes, understand their telecom spends and take control of it. From large corporations to medium sized companies, we have facilitated large telecom and manhour savings. We drive efficiency and performance by reviewing contracts, bill plans, billing cycles and reorganising the structure and schemes to achieve optimum levels that result in savings for clients. Our experience in the industry of 15 plus years enables us to deliver the best options across multiple telecom environments in

achieving optimization and maximum savings. With our extensive links into service providers we have the latest information at all times

We analyse

  • Domestic and international call rates Billing cycles
  • Bill plans
  • Rents & fees
  • Usage patterns
  • Additional features
  • Other charges

across all telecom spends, Voice, Data, Mobile, Internet, Landline & Leased line services.