• A leading seafood exporter has got his entire telecommunications setup optimised .

  • Vodafone India corporate team now has over 50+ of our candidates 

  • We are involved in launching of a new range of LED lighting for our client who hold a world wide patent for the same .

  • A 400 Crore, listed company that is engaged in paper manufacture & infrastructure wanted to take stock of their entire communication spends

    We stepped in and streamlined more than 150 telecom services with converged billing resulting in significant cost savings & gross savings in manpower hours.

  • A 500 Crore multinational group with interests in food ,tyres, garments etc wanted an audit & cost savings from their vast communication network across India.

    Our process is currently in the implementation phase for more than 800 telecom services across India to result in upwards of 25% saving.

  • A large market leader in the satellite TV space wanted a new look organization to meet its go to market demands in a competitive market place.

    We built in a multi disciplinary project involving resourcing and organisational structuring. Some of them are ongoing in nature and we closely monitor its success.

  • Several households with burgeoning telecom bills wanted to curb the expense without curtailing the luxury.

    They have seen savings of between 25 to 40% on their telecom spends.

  • A large, ranked university in UK wanted to put up its entire market development strategy & execution in India , Srilanka, Mauritius & Maldives.

    The project involved channel appointment management , partnership building , student application processing , lead generation marketing & branding for two years resulting in significant presence in the markets serviced.

  • Several professional have immensely benefitted from our career counselling & placements

  • Several hundreds of students have taken our advise & counselling for study at UK.

    and several have achieved their career goals

  • A large telecom company has engaged us to create content & facilitate training for all its marketing personnel across India.

    We are analysing existing material, content and environments to create an effective training program.