In a scenario where Corporate Telecom spending is rising significantly and companies are constantly striving to strike a balance between the technological needs and its financial implications to optimise employee productivity, taking control of telecom expenses is imperative. Here is where we step in, with our expertise and skill, to successfully deliver savings in efficiency, productivity and can result in huge savings both in terms of spends & manhours

We undertake Telecom Audits based on a Success Fee, where we charge a percentage of your annual savings. You only pay us from your savings .We provide a complete analysis of all

Telecom services and make recommendations that will greatly reduce your total bill. We scrutinise

  • calling patterns
  • incorrect / non optimal tariff
  • duplicate payments
  • pricing errors
  • overlooked rebates or discounts
  • unclaimed recovery of refunds

We work in tandem with your team to streamline the processes and maximise your savings.